October 22, 2018


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SABMG! Volume 3

August 30, 2018

We are at it again adding a third volume to our book series. As we continue to build the momentum of creating a collection of short stories, we'll always incorporate contemporary controversial topics within the various genres we chose. SABMG provides in your face content on subjects regarding human behavior that many people don’t want to admit exists, in addition to adding a bit of humor to help us laugh at ourselves and the individual decisions we make in our lives. These stories are also full of many extreme twists, turns and cliffhangers, coupled with comedy that will surprise many readers and keep them coming back for more.

In this third volume of Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns! “Adipose” returns with Celine and the Commander as they continue on with the search for the path to the North. We also meet Frith before she became “Frith” in the story The Game from Volume 2 of the series. There is also other good doses of science fiction and fantasy added to this volume giving readers a rise to a new type of overt superhero and some surprising covert ones.

If you haven’t already entered the world of Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns! don’t be surprised if this volume suddenly makes you want to take a seat and kick up your feet for a while to enjoy the show.

Ayesha DeRaville

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July 23, 2018

It's true, we dropped Volume 2 earlier this year. The excitement of writing more stories made Volume 3 come together much quicker than we anticipated. With the end of the year being busy with engagements for introducing it, it's likely that Volume 4 (currently in the works) won't be out until sometime in the middle of next year.

We've introduced a few male leads in some of our stories with major supporting characters being female in Volume 2. Volume 3 takes on a similar life with my sister writing many of her stories with male leads. I chose to stick to the theme of our first book and create female leads (with a couple of nondescript roles) for all of my stories and plan to continue in that light.

"Adipose" makes a return along with Frith's origins from "The Game". As the plots for each story continues on, we are always thinking of new ideas and storylines to keep the readers on the edge of their seats.

Ayesha DeRaville

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July 12, 2018

AMA (Ask Me Anything), BAE (Before Anyone Else) and the good old LOL (Laughing Out Loud) have become household "acro-names" to save time typing out our feelings, thoughts and actions, in our ever changing fast-paced world.

When we were naming our book "Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns!", the title made sense given the nature of entire series, a mixture of short stories that have a little bit of everything. But it's a very long title, yes. Eye catching? Alluring? Different? That's for everyone else to decide. But we also realized that we needed to make it easier for those to relate to.

The popularity of the hashtag helped us out by "shrinking" the long title and introducing our acronym into mainstream pop-culture. So if you are looking for us, use it and you'll find us at the end of it. #SABMG

Ayesha DeRaville

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"We Are A Society!"

July 4, 2018

In Volume 2 of "Space Aliens, Bad Mothers And Guns! We are introduced to four characters, Croc, Jagger, Lace and Shackle, living in the sci-fi world of "Society" as they know it, or rather, what they are lead to believe.

We specifically chose a monochromatic-like look for the images and animations to set the melancholy mood depicted by their everyday lifestyle. Everyone and everything is in the same color scheme and everyone is dressed pretty much the same. Males have their look and females have theirs. The only individuality allowed is the difference in height, weight (to a certain extent) but above all hair. Diversity with hair is permitted.

To learn more about how these characters get along, read "Society" in Volume 2 of "Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns!" Both volumes of our book are currently available at #SABMG

Ayesha DeRaville

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May 27, 2018

Everyone has thoughts and ideas. Some people execute, some will put it on the back burner to simmer while others, well let's just say, there is not enough time to do any of it...sometimes. If Sonise or I get an idea, even a sentence, we just write it down, where ever we are. When we are ready to write a story, we go back to that list of ideas and generate one...or two.

We are surprised as to how quickly Volume 3 is coming together. This version will definitely have a more Sci-Fi and Fantasy element to it. There will also be continuations as well as explanations. You will meet new characters as well as revisit old ones.

It seems that writing and character development is getting a little easier the more we write. Unfortunately you may still come across some typos but that's what happens when you are self-publishing on a budget (I know lame excuse but it is our goal to avoid those errors). We will keep you updated as to when Volume 3 will drop.

Ayesha DeRaville

February 18, 2018

My sister and I enjoy working with each other, whether it is in the same room or apart. The task of putting out both of our visions combined requires a lot of give and take. While our work backgrounds are completely different, they are both from the same school of thought since it involves media. My background is commercial while hers is private. Realizing this helps us adjust to what works and what doesn't.

I will say my illustrations are not as polished as hers (laughing out loud right now). I can draw but there is a clear difference in her finesse of the characters. She's also pretty quick! I take a bit longer just to get it almost right. Then, there are the videos and photography which are an important part of our presentation. I tend to manage that aspect with more finesse. So we compliment each other in that regard.

Not that many people find the time to do the things they that truly enjoy with those they care most about. Yeah we get on each others nerves like most siblings do :-), but in the end, this project, our work, our love is an additional bond that we maintain.

Ayesha DeRaville


January 17, 2018

We are super excited about Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns!: Volume 2. It's been about a year in the making and we are happy with the results. Some of the stories are "dark" others address social issues, and still we've managed to throw in some off the cuff stories that will make you wonder about some things and some people. LOL! We're having fun and we hope that you enjoy our read. We always welcome your thoughts. Feel free to comment on Instagram @space_aliens_bad_mothers_guns or @officialsabmg. We are also on Twitter @SpaceAliensBMG and Vero @SABMG.  Here's to looking forward to your comments!

Ayesha DeRaville

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And then came Volume 2!

We are excited about Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns! Volume 2. New stories and sequels for you to enjoy! Get your copy today at AMAZON.COM.

NYC Wintercon 2017

December 4, 2017

So, the team headed out to the New York City Wintercon 2017, which was held December 1-3 in Queens at the World Resort Casino. While the venue was smaller than other Comicons we've been to, it had a great showing of some diehard fans. We met so many amazing artists and shared plenty amongst ourselves with regard to our craft and some of the tricks of the trade. This camaraderie and sharing will only help our community continue to grow into something greater!

There were plenty of amazing cosplayers wearing some really cool costumes; many were homemade and crafted so well. While there were plenty of "Justice League" cosplayers representing, funny enough, they didn't overrun the event. If there was an awards for "Best Cosplay Representation," that award would have to go to "The Ghostbusters" who arrived in all ages, colors, shapes and sizes. One Ghostbuster even wore a proton backpack that played guess what? "Who Yah Gonna Call...? Ghostbusters!"

What really mattered to us during this event was learning what the fans want, gaining new fans, and updating them on new merchandise that can be located on this site. We also took this opportunity to inform everyone that "Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns: Volume 2" is due out prior to the start of the New Year. We are excited about it and hope you all are equally excited!

While the holidays are upon us and most tend to be focusing on being festive, we continue to take this time to pursue future endeavors and maintain our creative flow. We are looking at various future Comicons to represent at, and we look forward to seeing you all there! Until then, let the creative juices flow!

Sonise Lumbaca

The Commander from  Adipose

The Commander from Adipose

Meet "The Commander"

October 18, 2017

The Commander is a character from our sci-fi short story Adipose. His is a developing character that we slowly introduce in the story. The reader does not know much about him initially, except that he is a force to be reckoned with. We give our reader a glimpse of him and allow them to determine for themselves if he is someone they can relate to, or a part of the problem. He is portrayed as a stoic and emotionally cold character in the first story of Adipose. But, fortunately for our readers, they will learn more about him, and many of our other characters in subsequent stories we hope will be publishing soon.


There is no specific physical description of The Commander. That interpretation is initially and intentionally left up to the reader. But besides being authors, we are also artists. We allowed our amazing imaginations to get the best of us and visualized him as an incredibly handsome Japanese man about the age of 50 years, but he looks a lot younger. He is in tune with his body. He lived, and continues to live a healthy as possible lifestyle, despite existing in post-apocalyptic New York City; so while maturity oozes from his pores, he looks and moves like a seasoned assassin operating at his peak. When he is not commanding “the troops,” he meditates, practices his martial arts forms, and exercises true leadership amongst a sea of fearful survivors. He is after all The Commander.


You may imagine The Commander differently based off reading the first edition of Adipose in our amazing novel Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns! If you do imagine him differently, why not drop by our Instagram account @space_aliens_bad_mothers_guns or Face Book page and share with us how you picture him looking. Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate it. If you would like to see previous blogs, please scroll below. Hope you have an amazing week!!!

Sonise Lumbaca

A Reader’s Character Imagined

Celine-  Adipose

Celine- Adipose

October 11,2017

When reading a story, a writer attempts to give as much detail in describing a sound, a location, a scent and most important, its characters. Readers take in every detail of the character’s description; the color of their eyes, the deep or fair tones of their skin, their athletic or sedentary physique, and the texture of their hair, to name a few. These writer’s descriptions help us relate to a character, dislike the character, or even fall in love with the character. With many of our characters described in our first fictional novel Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns!, we hope that our readers can relate, regardless of the period in time they exist within a story.


Take one of our heroines Celine for example. Celine is a lead characters from one of our favorite story Adipose. Celine is smart, athletic, cunning, agile, a leader and a survivor. She’s old enough to play mother and second in command to a slew of frightened and misguided survivors seeking guidance, yet still young enough to out maneuver “The Enemy” and those who seek to capitalize on wasteland victims. Because she embodies many traits that generally most people who look to succeed in life hope to possess, we depict her in a variety of artwork caricatures that can be purchased on our merchandise page.


No one individual’s imagination tends to be the same. Some may see Celine post-apocalyptic, sporting a Mohawk with a variety of rainbow earth-toned dreadlocks, sub-Saharan features, a deep dark complexion, and a model-like, but muscularly toned figure. While others might she her more contemporarily dressed with thick dark wooly hair, a medium brown complexion, Olympian sprinter’s physique and soft facial features. The beauty of reading a writers description of a character, is that no matter what they originally imaged, the reader will always visualize the character differently. That character will always represent the reader’s imagination no matter how detailed the writer’s description. Isn’t imagination a beautiful thing?

Sonise Lumbaca