Imagine going to a trade show to see the latest luxurious cars, a convention hosting the hottest reved-up motorcycles and decked out RVs. Everyone is dressed casual from casual to sophisticated with some even dressed to the nines. Ladies are wearing their best broken-ankled shoes and guys their bravado. Pretty typical of most “trade” events. Now imagine taking a frequent spectator of the aforementioned events and dropping them in the middle of not just any other kind of convention and/or trade show; he’s now at New York Comic Con. Making matters even more interesting, we find out that this first-timer is also experiencing his first cosplayer filled event at a “later” age than most that are just getting their cosplay buzz on (Psst! Note the Sega video game reference. Ha!) Welcome aboard Danny! Thanks for giving us your first experience through your eyes!

THE FIRST-TIMER By Daniel Augustine

I typically don’t do conventions. The influx of people in droves can be pretty annoying. I’ve gone to the Auto Shows in the past, but after a while it gets to be mundane, plus its frustrating when you want to sit in and get a feel for a particular car and the person you are waiting for is inside taking forever to get out, LOL! However, this year I had the opportunity to attend Comic Con in New York City with one of my buddies and I must say, it was an experience I was NOT ready for LOL!

When I arrived, it looked like a Halloween convention, at first, to ME. People dressed up in all kinds of superhero costumes and paraphernalia; life like cartoon characters. Some folks really got into the act too. I actually ran into Deadpool, in the flesh (not Ryan Renolds, but hey you never know, it could have been him LOL)! 

Upon entering the main area, I was in awe of the displays and exhibits. What really fascinated me was the video game displays! I’m a huge fan of games such as Resident Evil and superhero themed games, so the exhibits and make shift horror displays were amazing. Then to my surprise, there were vendors there selling the old video game systems I grew up playing! Nintendo, Sega, Playstations....you name it! I saw games I haven’t played in years. I was a bit skeptical of buying anything with the fear of it not working, but now I’m regretting it LOL!

From there, I saw a lot more vendors. They were selling everything from t-shirts to mugs that had every super hero and villain. Before I even asked my friend if comic books were sold here, I saw them ALL on display in one section. I was amazed at how crisp and detailed the comic books were, these days. It’s seeing portraits come to life. I was even more amazed when I saw all of the old comic books I read as a kid! One vendor had some collector comics that dated back to the 1940s! I even saw the first issue Superman, which was going for a whopping $12,500!!! 

My buddy told me that Comic Con always brings celebrities out and there was one section where people could actually meet and greet them. There were actors present from “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones”! We arrived kind of late and by the time we got to that section it was packed. I just wanted to see Aisha Tyler.

We decided not to wait so we continued walking. We stumbled upon a section that was playing some good old school music that had a TV display section dedicated to black super heroes in film and TV. To our surprise we saw one of my favorite film stars from my favorite movie of all time! Standing right in front of me was Taimak aka Bruce Leroy from the 80’s cult film “The Last Dragon”! When I tell you that I was a kid all over again, remembering how I wanted practice Kung Fu and fight enemies like Bruce Leroy, it was as if I was little boy sitting in my footsies in awe. The excitement was still there.

Taimak looked great for a 54 year old! We took pictures and had him autograph one of his pictures from the movie (which I had to pay for, but I didn’t care LOL!). We spoke briefly. Turns out he’s a really cool guy. It was definitely the highlight of NYCC for me. 

So overall, I had a great time at New York Comic Con. I wasn’t expecting all of what I saw and experienced. I actually didn’t know what to expect. I will definitely go next year....to get those old video games of course LOL!  

Well Danny, we are super glad that you had what sounds like an amazing time as a first-timer! Not too shabby for a “Halloween Convention”! To all of you amazing and beautiful nerds and geeks out there follow Danny on Instagram @timmyv25. Let’s completely bring him over to our side!