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In this issue we cover the New York Comic Con (NYCC) from different perspectives. Returning is our favorite Funko King, Brian Friedman, detailing the massiveness of this event. We almost missed out on having him write for us in this issue because his little dear Joie (one of two of his adorable kitties) gave us health scare. Needless to say, she is doing alright and Brian was able to attend NYCC. He will give his “professional” take on it as this will be his umph-teenth time attending.

Then we introduce you to 3 other attendees. Daniel Augustine, the first-timer, he’s been to trade shows and other kinds of conventions, but never to any kind of comic convention. Then there’s Ricky Wu, a convention attender, attending for inspiration. He is an artist and animates both in 2D and 3D. Finally, there’s Michael Vazqwright, writer, actor and he does standup! He not only got to attend NYCC in cosplay, but he got P-A-I-D to do it! This guy must have some serious skills.

There have been some ALIEN sightings around Iceland and New York recently. If you spot any green extra terrestrial types, hit us up immediately on Instagram @OfficialSABMG or @space_aliens_bad_mothers_guns and let us know.

We’re excited about our Cosplayer Of The Month. Always great to see extraordinary talent pulling out all the stops in Cos.

Much, much more to read. We hope you enjoy this issue!

Ayesha DeRaville