Photo credit: Ayesha DeRaville’s selfie

Photo credit: Ayesha DeRaville’s selfie


In this issue, ANIME NYC 2018 is on it’s second run at the Javitz Center in NYC. We decided to approach our narrative differently, just glancing over the basics of your typical conventions and focusing more on the “perks” of attending as an overexcited newbie. Please forgive the uber enthusiasm!

One can never give a full detail in the life of an ICON, but we offer up a humble approach to the one and only Stan Lee.

Along with our visit to ANIME NYC we’d like to introduce you to some of our own Anime art. Some of these characters will be introduced in future issues of our book series, SPACE ALIENS, BAD MOTHERS AND GUNS!™

There is an Alien among us and it is slowly introducing itself to us humans.

Another Cosplay Fave, we introduce you to this month’s Cosplayer of the Month. Incidentally, we met them at ANIME NYC. If you would like to be featured as our Cosplayer of the Month, please DM us on Instagram @officialSABMG or @space_aliens_bad_mothers_guns.

Ayesha DeRaville