Issue #6 brings us Guest Contributor Max Alan Fuchs as he braves the barren roads of New Mexico to the legendary Roswell. What’s more mysterious, it’s town or the long drive and anticipation of the unknown? What will you do if you run into some little green beings?

Max is also an edgy illustrator dealing with one heck of a Motherfucking F*cker on the one hand and teaching comic artist hopefuls on the other.

Introducing Sean Thompson, otherwise known as Jester’s Forge. If you’ve been goggling over some amazing photography on Instagram, particularly anything that has to do with cosplay, you may have seen his work. Superheroes become SUPER-Superheroes and Villains are even more diabolical and menacing.

Our very own Sonise Lumbaca starts her series on CON-TRAVELER: COMIC CON ABROAD. She gives you an idea on what’s it like to travel abroad to Comic Cons around the world! In this issue, she goes over planning and things to consider when setting up your travel.

We are always looking for new Guest Contributors. If you have an exciting story that you’d like to tell or if you’d like to write about some amazing conventions you’ve attended, hit us up! Also, we’re always looking for our next Cosplayer of the Month! Send ‘em our way!

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-Ayesha DeRaville