We are ever evolving and growing with some ideas being hits and misses. Everything around us is changing so if you wish to compete you have to change, take risks.

In this issue, we check out the Empire State Comic Con. We did not exhibit there but next year may be on the horizon. Sonise Lumbaca attended and gives her full report on the event.

We’ve added a comic strip element. It’s new; it just happened. Maybe some will like it, maybe all will like it. That happens with risks. That being said, we’ve also changed up our Cosplayer of the month and expanded on it by providing a few more details on “the chosen one.” We are thrilled and can’t wait for you to check out this issue’s Cosplayer!

We have been introducing various characters from our novels. Last issue, you’ve all met Frith from The Game in Volume 2 and 3 of our novel, SPACE ALIENS, BAD MOTHERS AND GUNS! This issue you’ll get to meet the ever illusive Sean from the same story.

Finally, we always like to present opportunities for our fans to shine. We met Gerard Riley at a Comic Con that we were exhibiting our novels and artwork. At that time, he told us he was working on coming out with his very own graphic novel. It’s out! We interviewed him on that process.

As Always, if you would like to be a guest contributor for our magazine feel free contact us on our contact page or DM us at @space_aliens_bad_mothers_gun on or @officialsabmg on Instagram.

We hope you enjoy!

Ayesha DeRaville