SABMG Ayesha Sonise at Midgard 2018.jpg


It all started when…

We were coming of the high of experiencing several Comic-Cons events as artists/exhibitors around the United States. We’ve had so much fun visiting various cities and meeting cosplayers, illustrators, writers, readers and of course our amazing fans! We felt the excitement and wanted more!

Feeling this charge of NERDTOPIA, I decided to search online for upcoming international events that SPACE ALIENS, BAD MOTHERS AND GUNS!™ could partake in. The first place I thought of was Iceland (because we love it so much, from previous visits) and MIDGARD 2018 came up. I was immediately sold but needed to confirm with my “partner in crime” to see if she was interested as well. NEED I ASK? Of course, Sonise was very interested.

We presented our brand to the organizers an were immediately invited to participate! From then on it was gathering the materials and counting down the days to go.

We would really like to thank our family, friends and fans that donated what they could to help make this experience possible. While we did not reach our goal to cover our expenses, the support we did receive enabled us to cover some of it and for that we are truly grateful and humbled!

We truly hope that you enjoy this issue and that our words exceptionally translate our experience! Email us at to let us know your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ayesha DeRaville