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I had a wild hair and I wanted to add something different and new into the mix of having a website, social media handles and convention exhibits, basically our already busy schedules. An online magazine!

Our books cover an array of genres but we find that in visiting the various conventions, they mostly cater to superheros, gaming, scifi, fantasy, artwork and cosplay, (unlike our books, as we cover quite a few others like drama, romance, thriller, social issues, etc., that may be incorporated into the aforementioned as subgenres).

I find the convention culture extremely fun, creative and interesting; always have since my very first Star Trek Convention. Conventions like these have a main target, like any other convention; for this kind, it's people that have big imaginations that they actually live out, sometimes everyday. There's a whole other world out there and we truly do enjoy it.

While this first issue is very modest I do plan to expand it, with the occasional help of my sister (more than she actually thinks! LOL!)

So hang on tight and enjoy the ride! It's a space ship I've never driven before and I cannot wait to see the stops we visit and beings we meet along the way! As always we welcome your feedback on anything we do. Email us at or DM us on Instagram @spacealiens_bad_mothers_guns OR @SABMGOfficial. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Ayesha DeRaville